Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Make The Most Of Digital Photo Printing

Whilst the ease, simplicity and relative cheapness of digital photo prints have all conspired to make the analogue alternative look anachronistic in the extreme, the main advantage of the leap forward in technology lies elsewhere. Not only can your images now be printed time and again and be perfect every time, but they can also be used on Mother's day as the basis of stunning gifts for Mum.

Before the widespread take-up of digital photography, the process of photo developing was one which placed a severe limit upon the number of pictures which anyone felt able to take. Not only was the roll of film itself limited to a number of shots such as twenty four or thirty six, but once it was full it would have to be carefully removed from the camera and then passed onto others for the actual work to be done. Given the fragile nature of the celluloid film itself and the specialist equipment and skills needed, only a tiny minority of the population were ever able to undertake the process themselves, meaning that the film had to be handed over to a specialist high street laboratory or sent away in the post.

Senin, 13 Februari 2012

Collect Stamps for Fun and Profit

I collect postage stamps. Postage stamps are pieces of miniature art designed by top class engravers and master artists around the world. They can be collected used or in mint condition. As a student since my pocket money was limited I preferred collecting used stamps. Initially I used to cut out the stamps from the letters received in post and soak them in water. After some time when the glue became loose I used remove them from covers and dry them on a white paper with gum side facing up. When they became dry I put the in side thick book and put that under a few books. After a couple of days I used to remove them and put them in a stock book. After that I classified them. I live in India.Therefore, I got more of Indian stamps easily. I sorted them year wise and put them in a printed which I purchased from a philatelic dealer. Other stamps from foreign countries and the extra stamps of India were kept aside for exchange with other philatelists. This was my way of spending my leisure. As my collection grew I started looking for the stamps to fill in the gaps in my collection. I also subscribed to some stamps journals and magazines. I delved deeper into the nuances of collecting stamps.

Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Top 5 Places to Find Jobs in Textiles

Landing your first job is almost a full-time job in itself these days. Networking, searching for opportunities, perfecting your resume, and promoting yourself are all essential, but time consuming. Often times, what ends up eating the most hours of your day is just trying to find the right opportunities to apply to.

To help save you some time in the search, here's a list of the top five places to find jobs in textiles (in no particular order):